“They Should Just Make Food into Pills…..”


“…. no cooking, no dishes, and perfect nutrition.” A reader left this comment on one of my facebook posts the other day, and it reminded me of the many frustrated clients I work with who say they get so frustrated with trying to figure out what to eat that they wish they could just take […]

9 Healthy Swaps for Unhealthy Foods


When I write up the personalized recommendations that are a part of each new client’s health plan, I include what I call “lateral shifts:” healthier versions of foods we’ve been told are healthy. I decided to compile a list of some examples so you can do the same. Dump these foods from your kitchen and […]

Mostly Paleo “Sneaky Liver” Recipe Round-Up… for People Who Don’t Like Liver


By now you’ve probably heard that liver is a powerhouse superfood: it’s a rich in fat-soluble vitamins, B vitamins, folate, amino acids, iron and other minerals. It also makes ya feel great due its “anti-fatigue” factor. Problem is, many folks–myself included–just plain don’t like liver or can’t stomach it. But the organ meats are the most […]

Got Bloat? Could Be SIBO


I work with a lot of digestive cases, and one of the most common complaints I hear is, “by the end of the day, I look six months pregnant!” Bloating can of course be caused by many other factors, from candida to food intolerances, but if you find your bloating is worse at night, or […]

Pumpkin Spice Chia Pudding (Paleo, Egg free)

photo 3

I am crazy for everything pumpkin. But why wait til fall? In San Francisco, summer is basically like winter–cold and foggy– and this morning I woke up craving autumn pumpkin spice flavors. I’ve also been wanting to make chia seed pudding, a delicious and creamy mineral- and omega 3 fatty acid-rich snack, so I decided […]

How to Make a Whole Fish… Easily!


You’ve probably seen the whole fish behind the case at the store an felt intimidated, but don’t! It’s so easy to roast a whole fish, and it looks super fancy and impressive. Perfect for a dinner party, and you can usually get them for a reasonable price. How to Make a Whole Fish Here is […]

How to Support Yourself through Stress


We’re all exposed to stress. It’s part of life. Death, divorce, marriage (positive stress counts, too!), having a baby, working too long and hard, not sleeping enough, chugging coffee, hours-long commutes, falling off track on eating well, too much sugar, too many stimulants, pain and inflammation. Stress is inevitable. But it’s how you handle it […]

How to Look and Feel Slimmer in 24 Hours


Have a big last minute event coming up? Hot date? Wedding? Or have you overdone it a bit and just want to feel better…. in only 24 hours? It’s easier than you think. Just apply my tried and true tips. How to Look and Feel Slimmer in 24 Hours Start off your day with hot […]

Instant “Ice Cream” (Paleo, Vegan, No Ice Cream Maker Needed!)


I have an unfortunate secret for you: You’ve probably at some point in your life ingested anti-freeze. Did you know that Big Food manufacturers add propylene glycol, a form of antifreeze, to commercial ice cream? Because it’s a small amount, they’re not required to list it among ingredients on the label. It’s easy enough to avoid […]

I Drank Coffee Every Day for 7 Days and This is What Happened


Well, no, I didn’t turn into a clown. But first of all, you’re probably going, “What? How is this in any way interesting? I drink coffee every day, and nothing “happens.” Secondly, this isn’t a post dinging coffee. I have nothing against coffee. I *like* coffee. But what I want to point out is that […]