How to Use Thieves Oil to Improve Oral Health


You may know that I have recently started dedicating more time to using essential oils both for myself and my clients. I am astounded at their benefits! I wrote about one of my favorites, frankincense, which I’ve been using to improve my skin. It’s a miracle worker! I also use peppermint, lavender, lemon, and thieves […]

Fluffy Strawberry Pudding (Egg, Dairy, and Refined Sugar Free)

photo 1

Strawberries are cropping up in the markets, and they are oh so delicious and sweet. America’s most popular fruit after the apple! Strawberries are high in vitamin C and other anti-aging antioxidants. I wanted to create a dairy and egg free delicious and healing gelatin pudding using strawberries, and while I love all the gelatin […]

My Six Top Healing Spices


Plants are powerful medicine, and you have a veritable medicine cabinet in your spice rack. Spice is a blanket term encompassing a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetable. There are a few superstars worth mentioning that you can use to combat everything from arthritis to cancer. As with everything, quality matters, so make sure your spices […]

17+ Paleo Snacks


One of the most common requests I get is for healthy snacks, especially travel-friendly. While I don’t recommend much snacking, if you have lunch at noon and dinner at 7pm, you’ll need a little something in between to keep blood sugar levels stable. We all grew up with the message that the vending machine housed […]

15 Uses for Frankincense


I have been studying and using therapeutic essential oils and recommending them to my clients. I am astonished at their ability to soothe and heal, and the uses are endless! My absolute favorite essential oil (of course, that changes on a weekly basis, LOL) right now is frankincense. Most of us equate frankincense with a valued […]

How to Cook the Perfect Steak on the Stove


I once read that every chef should learn to perfect a roast chicken, a steak, a salad, and a chocolate cake. I rely on Martha Stewart for a perfect roast chicken, and now I’ll share my secrets to cooking the perfect grass fed steak at home on your stovetop. This is especially useful if you […]

Holistic Nutrition for Dogs


I have always been an animal lover. Some of my first memories are becoming fast friends with the family dogs, and I don’t remember a time growing up when I wasn’t surrounded by dogs, cats, and later, horses. By the time I was 5, I had taught Holly (a cockapoo, pictured above) every trick in […]

Easy Lamb Roast


What’s more beautiful than a lamb roast? Maybe a larger lamb roast. Lamb always looks super fancy, but it’s very easy to make and perfect. This leg of lamb roast is great for a Sunday dinner, a holiday dinner, or a dinner party. And it yields excellent leftovers. Roasted for a longer amount of time […]

How to Manage Your Migraines Naturally


Aside from insomnia, migraine headaches are the one of the most frequent complaints I hear from my clients. And migraines are no joke. Did you know they are one of the most common reasons people end up in the emergency room? Women are about three times more likely to suffer from migraines than men. If you […]

Raw Paleo Key Lime Pie (Grain, Dairy, Egg Free)


I made this pie to bring to a paleo potluck over the weekend, and it was a big hit. I got the recipe from Kelly over at Primally Inspired. It’s easy to make, requires no baking (it’s raw!), is refined sugar free, and filled with healthy fats. No unpleasant blood sugar crash afterwards– this is a […]