How to Get Pregnant

pregnancy, holistic pregnancy, fertility, conception

It seems pretty straight forward, right? Most of us women put a great deal of energy into preventing pregnancy. Then when the time is right, we know the rules and expect a positive pregnancy test. But it may not always be that swift or simple. I work with many women of all ages who are […]

How to Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

anti-inflammatory diet

Inflammation is arguably the root cause of every chronic condition and disease. It’s your body’s response to stress, whether it be stress via injury, diet, lack of sleep, too much work, or internal or external toxins. Think about what happens when you cut or burn your finger: It swells and turns red and warm as […]

Deep Discounts on Health & Wellness eBooks & Cookbooks!


Black Friday means wonderful savings, and have I got a DEAL for you! My fellow food and wellness bloggers have teamed up to bring you over 50 products deeply discounted for over $2,000 in savings now through Monday, 12/1. Better yet, they are all downloads so you can have access right away! You’ll find cookbooks […]

Gut Brain Connection: Why a Healthy Gut is the Key to a Healthy Brain & Happy Mood

digestive wellness

All disease begins in the gut. This statement has become the mantra for most holistic practitioners. We know that the gut is the site where inflammation typically takes root, due to bad bacteria overgrowth and inflammatory foods, and inflammatory cytokines travel throughout the body causing oxidative stress, setting the stage for inflammatory diseases such as IBS, […]

How to Use Food as Medicine

food as medicine

With each bite of food you take, you are either preventing disease or creating it. This statement resonates deeply with me because I have seen the power food can have to both heal and to chip away at health and vitality. Let me tell you a story. When I was 15, I decided to become […]

Easy Recipe: Paleo Butternut Squash Risotto (SCD Legal, Low FODMAP)

paleo butternut risotto

  Many people on grain free diets miss hearty pasta and rice dishes. Whatever your reason for going paleo, grains and rice can irritate an already damaged digestive tract, so I have my clients with digestive issues eliminate them until they heal. If we are working to heal a specific inflammatory GI condition, I might […]

What I’ve Learned about Meditation

what i've learned about meditation.

I’ve always romanticized meditation and longed to be grounded and spiritual. For most of my life, my monkey mind often controlled me with flitting thoughts that would take hold, often triggering anxiety or causing me to spiral into worry or shame. “Don’t believe everything you think” became a comforting mantra for me, as I’d remind […]

How to Make Your Period Pleasant

period, menstruation, menstrual cycle, hormones, hormone balance

Painful periods and bad PMS are 2 of the biggest issues I help women overcome. It happens every month (for most of us — if not, that’s a sign of hormone imbalance), and you’re going to deal with it until you reach your 50s (again, for most of us), so why not make your period […]

What is the Ideal Diet?

what is the ideal diet?

Vegetarians live longer and have lower cancer rates! Should I be vegetarian? I heard paleo helps with weight loss. Should I go paleo? I gained weight on a paleo diet. What do I do now? I have Crohn’s disease. Will GAPS/SCD/FODMAPs help? (PS what do all these acronyms mean??) Confused? No wonder. The amount of […]

Top Tips for Hormone Balance

hormone balance

I don’t think there’s a worse feeling than being at war with your hormones. I know– I’ve been there. Once upon a time I was struggling with hypothyroidism, low female hormone levels, and adrenal fatigue. That’s a triple whammy. I was tired, stressed out, anxious, depressed, and prone to crying fits. My hair fell out, […]