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Show Notes


*We have been listening to the awesome Sexy Back Summit. It was free through May 25, but click here to buy the package. There were some seriously incredible presentations about how to upgrade your orgasms, balance your hormones, and connect more deeply with your partner.

Caitlin’s new Mediterranean Paleo Cookbook is coming soon! Check out her site for more.

Caitlin did a webinar with Saving Dinner’s Leanne Ely about thyroid, exercise, and adrenals. Listen here.

News Items:

TMAO: Holes in the red meat study.

Listener Questions:

Question 1 : Hyperthyroid

Check out podcast 5 all about thyroid with Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Question 2: Remedies for young children with Eczema.

Dr Kang Eczema cream

Check out The Eczema Cure
Click here for more & to download.

Question 3: Freaking out about gestational diabetes. Is Paleo safe during pregnancy?

Question 4: Alternatives to Natural Calm for sleep? I like Designs for Health magnesium gel. Also Magnesium glycinate.

Body Ecology’s Ancient Minerals are great for supplementing minerals.

Stay tuned for special guests in June:

Vanessa Romero from Healthy Living How To will be talking about how she healed her adrenals and lost weight.

Steve Wright from SCD Lifestyle will talk all things digestion. This is a must-hear for anyone suffering with IBS, heartburn, constipation or other GI issues.

See you then!

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