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The holidays mean hustle & bustle, long hours, parties, sugar, booze,
and STRESS. Want to learn 3 easy tips you can incorporate right away
to ease some of the craziness this time of year brings? We’ve got your back! Join certified nutrition consultants Caitlin Weeks & Mary Vance on the phone for a tele-seminar on Wednesday evening, December 12 at 6pm PST, and we’ll share our time tested 3 tips to overcome holiday stress and avoid weight gain.

Want to know how to smash sugar cravings? The lifestyle habit that
prevents aging and weight gain? How to prevent party pig-out? And also
what to do if you blow it?

We’ll leave time for Q&A at the end of our talk so we can address your
questions. Don’t miss this call!

Dial-in number: simply call 641-715-3300 and enter access code
950150# to be placed into the live call. Attend from anywhere in the
world! Join us.

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