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UPDATE: my colleague Caitlin Weeks over at Grass Fed Girl is going to be joining me for this virtual series on all 3 calls! You get 2 nutritionists on your side for the price of one! More bang for your buck. JOIN US!

I don’t want you guys derailing this holiday season. Why let all your hard work slide? So I created this 3-part tele-seminar series to share my secrets for surviving the holidays. But maybe it was just an excuse to share my AWESOME holiday recipes that you’ll get as a bonus for signing up. YAY! This workshop is a MUST for those of you who are newly gluten free or paleo! Learn how to navigate recipes and parties while still sticking to your plan.

COMING UP: Holiday 911 Support Workshop begins Tuesday, November 20 at 7pm PST

This is a tele-seminar series; all you need is a phone to join, so anyone anywhere in the world is welcome.
Do you know how much weight the average American gains during the holidays? No, it’s actually not the 5-10 pounds we’ve been told.
But many people use the holidays as an excuse to ditch their plan, indulge, drink too much, and wake up on January 1 hungover and bloated. This year, do something different. Get some support!

I am offering a 3-session tele-semiar series (so you can call in from anywhere to join the group– you don’t have to live in San Francisco!) to help you through the holidays with no weight gain. OR, if you’re on a weight loss plan, continue to lose weight during the holiday season. Imagine that!
BONUS: you’ll get my holiday recipe guidebook filled with alternatives to your favorite but not-so-healthy holiday dishes. Notice I didn’t say low fat– we don’t believe in that around here. Some examples include my dairy free root vegetable mash instead of the high glycemic mashed potatoes, and vegan pumpkin pie (for those who can’t have dairy or eggs). Plus, treats you can give for gifts (like raw chocolate truffles!).

WHAT YOU GET: 3 group phone sessions and my bonus recipe book all for $97. Classes will be recorded if you can’t make the call.

Dates: Tuesday evenings, November 20, 27, and December 4
7pm PST

Class 1: Let’s start off with a bang! My Top 3 Tips to put in place to avoid weight gain for the next 2 months. Plus how to make a workable plan for yourself or stick to the plan you’re on. Also, why SLEEP is so important during the holiday season.

Class 2: How to navigate parties, avoid overeating, and what to choose at the buffet (you’d be surprised– you’re not resigned to eating celery and carrot sticks)

Class 3: How to address sugar cravings, how to just say no, and what to do if you blow it.

After we cover the content for each call, there will be a short discussion and Q&A. You’ll of course have the opportunity to ask questions and address issues that are coming up for you during the 3 weeks. The group support aspect is wonderful here, too. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have a nutritionist on your side for support during the holidays!

More info & paypal sign-up coming to my website, www.maryvancenc.com under the Workshops page
Questions or inquiries?
Call 415-786-7938

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