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Exciting Announcement! Gonna be doing a bi-monthly podcast, folks, and we want YOUR questions to answer on the air.

The Wellness Wednesdays Podcast, with certified holistic nutritionists Caitlin Weeks & Mary Vance, is launching on February 13, 2013.

About the podcast:
Our twice monthly podcast will feature a topical segment followed by questions we’ll answer from followers and fans. Ask us anything pertaining to nutrition, women’s health, paleo nutrition & living, thyroid health, digestive wellness, exercise, detox, weight loss, or whatever burning nutrition and wellness questions you may have. We’re all ears! Click here to submit your questions.

Our first podcast will feature a segment on heart health in honor of Valentine’s Day and Heart Month, then we’ll dive right in to your questions. Excited? We are!

You already know about me, but here’s a blurb about Caitlin:
Caitlin Weels is a paleo nutrition expert, personal trainer and blogger in San Francisco. She focuses on weight loss and maintains a blog at www.grassfedgirl.com.

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