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The most important meal, that is. You’ve been fasting for over 9 hours (preferably), so how you break the fast dictates how you’ll feel for the day. Start your day with coffee and a pastry and you program your body to store fat and send you on a rollercoaster for the day. Think 3pm crash, moody, irritable, sugar cravings. Yuck. Who says that pancakes, toaster strudels (what I grew up eating for breakfast!), croissants, cereal, waffles, and french toast is breakfast? Sugar, sugar, white flour, and more sugar tells your body to store fat, not burn it.

Start breaking the breakfast food paradigm. Breakfast is just like lunch & dinner. If you’re not hungry first thing in the morning, start off with a hot water and juice of a lemon drink to get your digestion going. It’s a sign that your metabolism isn’t properly regulated or that your digestive fire isn’t going strong. You should eat your largest meals at breakfast and lunch, not dinner, as most of us do. When you have a large dinner, it adversely affects your hunger thermostat and interrupts sleep.

Dinner leftovers

My dinner last night was an organic pork chop and sauteed/braised purple cabbage with sauteed apples. This morning I warmed with leftovers and ate it with a side of raw kraut to help digestion. Ready in 5 minutes. Here are my other fave breakfast options:
• Organic chicken or turkey sausages with spinach: Add chopped sausages to cast iron skillet and cook 5 minutes, then add a handful of torn spinach. Top with ¼ sliced avocado and enjoy with a side of raw kraut. This is my favorite 10 minute breakfast!

• Veggie scramble: Sautee 2 cups chopped vegetable (Choose a mix of any of the following: broccoli, spinach, tomato, onion, and red bell pepper). Add 2 organic, free range eggs (3 for men) and scramble until cooked. Add dash of sea salt and black pepper if desired.

• Light Breakfast: 2 Tbl. almond butter or tahini on an apple

• Smoothie

• Frittata. Keeps well for leftovers, and makes a great dinner, too.

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