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Is this you?
*Weight gain
*Breast swelling and tenderness
*Water retention
*Craving for sweets
*Uterine fibroids
*Anxiety, nervousness
*Heavy, irregular menses, cramps
*Low libido
*Mood swings (PMS)
*Low thyroid symptoms
*Elevated triglycerides
*menopausal symptoms

The Nutrition Divas (myself and my business partner, Karen) conducted a tele-seminar the other day, and we talked all about hormone imbalance, estrogen dominance and how detox can help. Listen to our call NOW!

Learn the following:
–what is estrogen dominance and what causes it?
-why too much estrogen causes weight gain and other issues (listed above)
-how to get rid of excess estrogens & why holistic detox helps
Download here:

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