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I was busy cleaning today in preparation for relatives coming in for the holidays, and I needed something a bit stronger than Simple Green, my go-to “green” (literally) cleaning product. It’s pretty non-toxic. So i grabbed the Tilex and went to work in the tub. I opened all the windows, thinking that would suffice, but about 30 minutes later I got hit with terrible nausea. I drank some ginger tea and it subsided, but it’s a good reminder to make green, non-toxic choices for products in the home.

Toxins and chemicals from cleaning products, cosmetics (make-up, lotions, perfumes), and laundry and dish washing detergents build up in the body and overwhelm the liver and create cellular and free radical damage. Eventually as toxins build up, you can develop multiple chemical sensitivities, hormonal issues, and other symptoms of toxicity (headaches, rashes, joint pain). And of course, green cleaning is better for the planet. Toxins in the earth end up in our bodies. As David Suzuki said: “We are the environment. There is no distinction.”

Here are some tips to clean green:

First off, check your cosmetics and body care products. Stay away from sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, and anything else you cannot pronounce. Just because a product is labeled organic doesn’t mean that it is free of the above chemicals. You can make your own shampoo. I combine Dr Bronner’s all-in-one soap with olive oil and herbs like chamomile (for blondes) and sage (for brunettes). I also use apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse in place of shampooing a couple times a week. It removes build-up and normalizes scalp PH and also helps with dandruff. There are many recipes for shampoos and conditioners, just run a google search.

Check around your home. Has your carpet been treated with chemicals, or cleaned with chemicals? Choose non-toxic, chemical free carpet cleaners and enzyme stain removers. Use Liquid Life Forms to unclog drains; they contain bacteria that digest build-up.

Regarding cleaning, you can make your own products or use one of the many on the market. Citrasolv and Simple Green are good choices.
Check out this link http://ecologycenter.org/factsheets/cleaning.html
to the Ecology Center website for some excellent cleaning recipes. Vinegar and borax make excellent bases. A good all-purpose recipe is vinegar, water, and tea tree oil.

It doesn’t take much to clean your body, home, and clothes green!

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