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If you have dry skin, I have a solution for you! This anti-aging skin cream is easy to make at home, quickly absorbed, and so nourishing.

Testimonial from Reader:

I started using your natural face care regimen (including your DIY skin cream) 2 days ago, and today someone asked me if I’m my husband’s daughter 😉 He’s only 3 years older.

Why Make Your Own Skin Cream?

I guess you could call me a hippie. Not because I’m listening to the Grateful Dead or refusing to shave my armpits (that was 1996). These days I’m more focused on living a natural and toxin-free lifestyle.

I make my own bodycare products to avoid chemicals. If you read my posts regularly, you know that I am a big fan of non-toxic (not to mention easy) lotions and potions. I dumped my chemical-filled cosmetics a long time ago and started making my own lotions, face masks, serums, and creams.

Did you know the average woman exposes herself to something like 500+ toxins via her cosmetics every day? Your liver works hard to neutralize toxic compounds, but as they build up, they are stored in fat tissue, where they accumulate over time, contributing to endocrine disruption, weight gain, and infertility.

Take a look at the labels on your shampoos, lotions, creams, and bodycare products. The ingredients list is a mile long and filled with chemicals you cannot pronounce. That’s one reason why I keep it simple: I often use coconut oil plain as a moisturizer, or I’ll add drops of skin healing essential oils to the whipped coconut oil I use on my face. I use this yogurt mask with frankincense regularly to keep my skin glowy. See this post for my lighter summer blends.

It’s SO easy to make your own skincare products. This recipe is my favorite skin healing and regenerating “butter.” I use it on my face in the mornings and evenings as a moisturizer, and also on delicate skin areas like the neck and chest. I’ve also used it to heal burns and scars. I call it skin butter because it’s so hydrating and lightly whipped to perfection.

The base is whipped coconut oil, and I added Frankincense and Myrrh, two ancient essential oils that aid particularly in skin regeneration, wrinkle prevention, and that combat dry skin and aging. You can customize which oils you add based on your skin type and goals.

You can make this in about 8 minutes, and a batch typically lasts me 6 months or longer. It costs me about $10 to make each batch. And it works better than any expensive chemical-laden boutique cream.

Please note that if you do have acne-prone skin, this may not be for you. Coconut oil is comedogenic, which means it may clog pores. My skin loves it, but it’s not for every face.

Miracle Anti-aging Skin Cream Benefits

Coconut oil: deeply moisturizing, strengthens skin tissues, and helps remove excessive dead cells on the skin’s surface. Great for dry, rough, flaky, chapped skin. I use this kind.
Frankincense: protects and tones skin, encourages skin regeneration, prevents wrinkles, fades and heals scars, makes skin soft and glowy!
Myrrh: anti-aging, good for chapped or cracked skin, powerful antioxidant

DIY Miracle Anti-Aging Skin Cream

Best for: anti-aging, dry skin, flaky/chapped skin, wrinkle prevention

1 cup coconut oil
10 drops Myrrh
10 drops Frankincense

Optional Additions

  • I often add a couple drops of carrot seed oil if I have some on hand. It’s very high in antioxidants and great to keep skin looking dewy and fresh. It also adds a bit of natural sun protection.
  • You can add a few drops of lavender, which is great for oily skin, eczema, and acne. It smells nice too! Not a great choice for dry skin.
  • Neroli is good for acne, overall skin healing, elasticity, and to combat wrinkles. Plus, it smells fabulous!
  • Palmarosa regulates oil production, making it good for all skin types. It nourishes and restores skin health at the cellular level.
  • Rose essential oil is quite expensive but exquisite for aging skin and makes a great toner.
  • Rosehip oil has an amazing fatty acid profile that is excellent for aging skin, scars, and stretch marks. I use it as a base for my homemade skin serum (also includes tamanu, frankincense, pomegranate seed oil).

Directions Scoop out coconut oil (it must be solid; this will not work if it’s liquid) into a bowl. I use my KitchenAid stand mixer with the whisk attachment, but you can use a hand blender too. Whip it at high speed for about 5 minutes. It will whip up light and airy, like this: photo 3

Add all your essential oils, then whip again until blended. It will have a nice, light, airy consistency that’s easy to spread over your skin, and it absorbs quickly. Smells great, too!

photo 2

I store mine in small mason canning jars, like this. I store it at room temp. I live in a moderate climate where it doesn’t melt. You may want to try refrigerating it if it starts to turn liquid.

The skin on my face, neck, and chest has never looked better since I started using this blend. Enjoy!

You can read more about using oils for skin health here.

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