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Join us for our first FREE teleseminar of the new year at 7pm, PST. A timely topic: Learn the Top 3 Secrets for Losing the Post-holiday Pudge. Call (641) 715 3300 and enter access code: 950150#

Did you fall victim to holiday weight gain? Have you tried over and over to lose weight, only to fail or regain the weight you did lose? Do you try different diets that leave you feeling hungry or irritable? Having trouble losing those last 5 or 10 pounds that won’t seem to budge?

This FREE teleseminar is for you! Learn the Top 3 Secrets that nutritionists use with their clients for successful, lasting weight loss! The teleseminar will be led by certified holistic nutrition consultants Karen Diggs & Mary Vance, who are experts at helping people overcome weight loss resistance so they can achieve their goals—once and for all!

You’ll learn:
• The reason why this toxic element can sabotage your weight loss efforts—and how to get rid of it
• Which chemicals in your food, water, products, and home can cause your body to store more fat
• The link between bloating, heartburn, constipation, indigestion and weight gain
• Why your hormones affect your ability to lose weight
• One simple technique that you can use immediately to stop bloating and jumpstart weight loss right away

7-8 PM, PST
Call (641) 715 3300 and enter access code: 950150#. We will provide time at the end of the teleseminar for your personal questions, so you don’t want to miss the live call. If you’re not able to make the call at the scheduled time, contact us at info@maryvancenc.com, and we’ll send you the recording FREE.

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