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This is how I start my days:

Staring into a nice, warm cup of green tea. I double bag a sencha and a genmaicha in nearly-boiling water and let them steep so the flavors meld. It makes the perfect cup. The sencha is nice and grassy and the genmaicha – green tea with roasted brown rice – is nutty.

By now you’ve no doubt heard the endless health benefits of tea: catechins (plant antioxidants) protect cells against free radical damage; boosts metabolism; improves digestion; protects against cancer….
Tea also contains the calming amino acid l-theanine, making it the true cup of serenity.
Try this morning ritual, loosely based on my former classmate Wendy Millstine’s book 5 Good Minutes:

Prepare tea and sit quietly with your hands folded around the mug. Breathe in the aroma and take a quick inventory of your body and how you’re feeling. Are your muscles tense, tight? Relax everything – especially your face – and take a deep breath in, repeating to yourself “Breathing in, I am Calm,” and exhale with “Breathing out, I am calm.”

Drink tea every day! I start out with green and move to white, sometimes red (rooibos), and then calming chamomile before bed.

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