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We talked paleo ketogenic diets with Kim Knoch in this podcast. She tweaked her Paleo real food diet with a nutritional ketosis plan to lose 40 lbs. She joins us to explain how she did it.


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Questions for Kim about Weight Loss & a Ketogenic Diet

Kim’s Bio: background and health history

What are the basics of the ketogenic diet and the difference between keto and paleo?

Why is it so controversial?

Who should not do a ketogenic diet?

 What are the biggest challenges for people while on it? Common mistakes?

 What are some improvements people report after doing it for a while?

Should people stay on it as a maintenance plan? How long can someone stay on it?

Listener Questions

Micheal:  I’ve lost 112 pounds on keto-paleo, down from 260lbs, but still have about 10lbs around my mid section that is very stubborn. Any suggestions for getting rid of the last ten pounds?

Linda:  I would like to know more about the 2 week menu and recipes in her ebook. I am thinking about buying the ebook, but am looking for an easy to follow, good meal plan. I’ve been paleo with occasional raw dairy for a year and would like to try the ketogenic diet for health reasons.

Gina:  Is it as complicated as it seems?

Bonnie: What, if any, sweetener did she allow herself? When I followed a keto diet in the past, I used Splenda, Xylitol, Stevia and Erythritol (I was also combining keto with anti-candida diet) for an occasional treat to help me stay on track. Now, those sweeteners don’t appeal to me (with the exception of Stevia, on occasion) but I know that I will need an occasional treat (special occasions and such) to stay on track.

Tony: It would be good to hear what she has to say about health issues by going keto. I have a friend that freaks out every time I tell her I want to go keto, she reckons it will damage my already dodgey kidneys big time!!

Pamela: I’ve done low carb ketogenic diets in the past w/ great results; however, as I got older they seemed less effective. I do paleo to feel healthy but I really am *stuck* at a healthy size 14 unless I do tons of exercise & weight training which, as a single FT working mom, I just have time to do. So my question is this… do we need to count calories as we get older to have the same effects on a ketogenic diet? I’m in my 40s, fairly active (hiking / walking, hit the gym a couple times / week) & not menopausal. Thanks!

Facebook Fan: Do we really have to measure our ketones level to follow this diet? Can we know we are in ketones without that?

Bonnie: Any suggestions for the keto bad breath?

Kim’s book, Kick the Weight with Keto, offers excellent guidelines on how to lose weight with a ketogenic diet. Her book covers the following:

  • what a keto diet is, and how it differs from ketoacidosis
  • how to lose weight steadily with real food
  • how to exercise without feeling tired
  • what to eat to get into ketosis, and how to STAY in ketosis
  • how to measure your ketosis levels accurately so that you know you’re on the right track
  • how to cook, plan meals and shop for your new keto lifestyle
  • recipes and meal plans!

Click here for more details and to buy her book.



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