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We talked with Arsy from the popular paleo blog Rubies & Radishes all about what to feed baby.

Questions for Arsy:

Tell us about your pregnancy and birth story.

What did you decide about vaccinations and other post birth shots?

What are the first foods you introduced?

Why are baby cereals not ideal?

What are some solutions for people who have trouble nursing?

What are some foods that you made sure you had in your diet through pregnancy and nursing?

It can be hard to stay Paleo through pregnancy; what did you do to find support?

Some people say they can’t stomach protein while pregnant. What were your solutions for that problem?

What is your opinion about dairy for children?

Reader Questions:

Advice for babies with constipation and how to introduce new foods?

What are some ideas about snacks and packing meals on the road?

Advice for budget friendly healthy baby meals?

What are some tips about some organic baby clothes and skin care products?

Any advice for pregnant or new moms?

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