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Mary Vance and Caitlin Weeks Nutrition Podcast

Q & A Podcast

Listen up! Here’s our second podcast for your listening enjoyment and education. We discuss the new British meat and disease risk study (another “meat will kill you,” yawn). Also, all about gelatin, and we answer questions about:

  • Egg Allergy and Autoimmune
  • Leaky Gut options/alternatives
  • Chapped lips and cod liver oil
  • Hormone replacement and histamine intolerance
  • How to heal mottled gums
  • Help for eczema

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You can also listen to episode #1:

On this episode we discuss heart health in honor of February, the month of heart health (and love)! We discuss why saturated fat isn’t the enemy. (Learn what really is the enemy). We also discuss blood pressure and nutrients and herbs for cardiovascular wellness.

We answer reader questions about the following topics:

  • chia seed FAQ
  • natural help for ADHD/Asberger’s
  • hydroponics nutrient density
  • the HCG diet pro’s and con’s
  • choices for studying holistic nutrition as a career

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