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It’s summer vacation time, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon healthy eating! I put together this list of travel tips for a client who is going to Vegas and decided they are too good not to share. Whether you’re jetting off to Sin City, land of booze & gourmet plenty, or you’re going to the beach or backpacking around Europe, here are my healthy summer travel tips.

1. Be prepared. Don’t “save up” for a fancy big meal at night by not eating all day. Of course you’ll want to indulge in local fare, but plan ahead. Make sure you eat breakfast every day and that you eat in regular intervals. Consider buying single serve protein powders (Amazing Meal makes one that you can mix with just water or coconut water or coconut milk/water combo for a snack, or better yet, if you are staying somewhere with a kitchen, make smoothies for breakfast!) I always travel with single-serve portions of protein powder and supergreens powder that contains spirulina and chlorella for extra minerals.

2. Travel with snacks. Bring your own so you don’t get stuck eating junk. Make some pre-packaged nuts/dried fruit mix at home in single serve ziplock bags: 1/4 cup almonds or walnuts, dried shredded coconut, few pieces dried fruit of your choice, pumpkin seeds).

3. Take extra vitamin C for immune support & take probiotics to help maintain regularity. Magnesium helps, too.

4. Drink mocktails! No need to drink every night! You don’t want everyone hassling you about why you’re not drinking, so have a “mock”tail: sparkling water/club soda with a splash of cranberry and squeeze of lime. Looks just like a vodka drink. Then you can make fun of all your friends after they get drunk. If you are drinking, alternate water with booze and stick to lighter alcohol like vodka/soda and lime or a glass of red. You’ll feel so much better.

5. If you do overindulge, drink coconut water (not milk) for hangovers. Drink plenty of water with lemon all day.

6. Follow the 3-bite dessert rule. Ask the server not to bring the bread basket (bread with meals is a fast ticket to weight gain). When you’re out to eat, start off dinner with a leafy green salad.

7. Don’t abandon eating plan just because you are away! You can still sample delicious cuisine by sticking to meat, veggie and egg-based dishes. Avoid dairy & gluten as much as possible; it can be congestive and constipating. Know where you are eating ahead of time & check out the menu ahead of time to decide what you want & how you’ll plan. Remember to get adequate protein and always eat protein with alcohol. Don’t be afraid to make substitutions –swap out starchy rice side dishes for veggies, for example.

8. Exercise! i always exercise on vacation. Go to the pool– swimming is great. Or go for a bike ride, take long walks to explore your surroundings, etc. Get a massage, which is detoxifying and health-promoting, and sit in the sauna–sweating is excellent for releasing toxins.

Have fun out there!

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