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One of the most frequent questions I get from clients is, “What can I eat for snacks?” Many are eating junky protein bars that contain whey or soy protein isolates and lots of sugar. Lara bars or Kind bars are a better choice but are still high in sugars due to dried fruits and added sweetener. While I don’t endorse much snacking (read why here), a small snack between lunch and dinner is usually necessary if you’re eating lunch at noon and dinner at 7pm.

So, instead of the high sugar, processed snack bars, why not make your own? You can control what goes into them, they’re tasty, and they last quite a while. Perfect for snacking and satisfying a craving for something salty and a little sweet (and sometimes chocolatey!) Check out these easy homemade paleo protein bar recipes.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite recommended snack bars, some higher protein than others. These are all grain and dairy free options. Also check out my list of great paleo snacks of all types.

Homemade Paleo Protein Bar Recipes

Chocolate Pudding Protein Bars contain gut healing gelatin for added protein. Read why gelatin is such a superfood and why you should include it in your diet!


I like this recipe because you can add whatever protein powder you use to boost the protein content. I recommend this paleo protein powder, which comes in either vanilla or chocolate.Almond-Protein-Bars-New-Wmk

Nutty chocolate coconut bars are a mix of omega 3 fatty acid-rich nuts and seeds, and chocolate too!


Paleo on-the-go bars are similar to LaraBars (without the GMOs) and include tons of different flavor profile options.



OK, these aren’t bars per se, but these trail mix cookies look so damn good, don’t they?


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