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Holistic nutritionist Beverly Meyer (www.ondietandhealth.com) has asked me to be a guest on her radio show on 9/19/12. We’ll be discussing hypothyroid conditions. Here is the blurb:

Primal Diet Modern Health (listen to past episodes at www.ondietandhealth.com/radio)

Hypothyroid? Diagnosis & Treatment Options You Need to Know
September 19, 2012
Weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, constipation and infertility can all be signs of low thyroid function. Yet millions go undiagnosed, or struggle with inadequate treatments that don’t address the cause. Certified Nutrition Consultant Mary Vance of www.maryvancenc.com offers fresh insights into getting the correct diagnosis and working through treatment options. Mary maintains a private practice in San Francisco focusing on women’s health, fertility, nutrition for pregnancy, hypothyroid and digestive issues. Her holistic approach looks at all areas of a person’s life to uncover the underlying causes of one’s health concerns. She uses a whole foods-based approach combined with herbs, nutrients, and supplements. When she’s not in the office, you’ll find her at the beach with her dogs.

About Beverly: Natural Health practitioner 25 years. Teaching a Paleo-style Diet; The Diet For Human Beings. Previous radio guests include Sarah Fragoso, Dr. Davis of Wheat Belly, Dr. Dan Kalish (my mentor!), my colleague Dianne Sanfillipo of Practical Paleo and many more. All shows available at the website. LIVE at 11 AM CST Wednesday. Follow Beverly on FaceBook at “Beverly Meyer on Diet and Health”. Subscribe to her weekly newsletters at www.ondietandhealth.com

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