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By now you’ve probably heard that liver is a powerhouse superfood: it’s a rich in fat-soluble vitamins, B vitamins, folate, amino acids, iron and other minerals. It also makes ya feel great due its “anti-fatigue” factor.

Problem is, many folks–myself included–just plain don’t like liver or can’t stomach it. But the organ meats are the most nutrient dense parts of the animal, and it’s also important to use the whole animal. So in an effort to get you to eat more liver, I’ve compiled 11 of my favorite “hidden liver” recipes. This a’int your run of the mill liver and onions. I specifically chose recipes that mask the strong liver flavor so you can sneak liver into your diet and reap the benefits without grossing yourself out.

Aim to include liver at least once weekly–if not every day. The liver shooters and sneaky smoothies are great for including small amounts of liver daily.

“Sneaky Liver” Recipe Round-up (all gluten free, mostly Paleo)

Paleo Baked Meatballs with Liver


5 Minute Chicken Liver Pate



Beef Chili with Chicken Livers


Hidden Liver Burgers


Chicken Liver Bolognese


Duck Liver Pate


Sneaky Liver Breakfast Smoothie


Raw Liver Smoothie Shot


Or if you just don’t want to eat it, make your own DIY liver capsules.


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