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Have a big last minute event coming up? Hot date? Wedding? Or have you overdone it a bit and just want to feel better…. in only 24 hours? It’s easier than you think. Just apply my tried and true tips.

How to Look and Feel Slimmer in 24 Hours

Start off your day with hot water and the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon; add a pinch of cayenne. This is an anti-bloat, liver detox friendly, metabolism-boosting and fat burning beverage that hydrates first thing in the morning. The vitamin C in the lemon is great for your skin.

Try green tea today instead of coffee, which is dehydrating. Green tea is thermogenic (fat burning!) and rich in antioxidants.

Today you’ll be ditching the dairy, wheat, and any soy products, if you’re not avoiding those foods already. These foods contribute to bloating, and they’re difficult to digest. Many people have sensitivities to gluten and dairy, meaning they cause inflammation and digestive distress when consumed. Soy especially is hard to digest and is a major cause of stomach bloat and discomfort. I’d also recommend you exclude grains for the day, as they tend to contribute to inflammation in the digestive tract, which can result in bloating. Dairy especially contributes to acne.

So, ditch the cereal and toast for breakfast. Today you’ll have a slimming smoothie made with bone broth protein powder, good fats for great skin, and fruit for antioxidants. Click here for my favorite dairy free smoothie recipe. I also add this supergreens formula for additional detox powder, and it gives you an energy boost!

Drink plenty of water during the day. I add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to quell sugar cravings and keep bloating at bay. It’s great for digestion. If you’re feeling bloated and retaining water, sipping dandelion tea can kelp ease water retention (great during PMS). It’s also excellent for liver detox, and it’s high in minerals to boot!

For exercise, I recommend HIIT (high intensity interval training). All you need is about 20 minutes of alternating sprints with power walking, and you’ll have a peppy, fast workout that will rev your metabolism for hours. And the exercise will give you a healthy glow while boosting your anti-aging growth hormone.

Lunch will be a big mixed green salad with plenty of hydrating veggies. Think celery, which eases water retention, and cucumber, which is cooling and hydrating. You can even apply a few slices of cucumber to your eyelids to reduce any puffiness and dark circles. Add other chopped veggies that appeal to you, but stay away from raw cruciferous, like broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, which contribute to bloating. Top your salad with chicken or anti-inflammatory wild salmon. And make your own salad dressing! Here’s an easy recipe. It takes 15 seconds. Store-bought brands, even the fancy organic labels, are made with poor quality, inflammatory vegetable oils.

Make breakfast & lunch your largest meal. We tend to eat a small breakfast and lunch in favor of a big dinner, but that’s backwards– you don’t need to fuel up on a huge meal before going to bed. And the extra effort of digesting a big meal interferes with sleep.

For a snack, you may tend to grab a handful of nuts, but I have 2 warnings for you: raw nuts can be difficult for some people to digest (soaking may help), and many people are sensitive to almonds, everyone’s favorite snacking nut. It’s also hard to stick to 1/4 cup (a serving). I’ve had clients who snack on a whole cup of nuts, which exceeds 500 calories! I recommend protein-rich snacks like jerky, epic bars, hard boiled eggs, or lox over cucumber.

Dinner should be a protein with veggies of all kinds. I like a roasted medley of root veggies like carrots and beets, or sweet potato and parsnip. Maybe a batch of greens like cooked spinach or sauteed kale on the side (NOTE: I mentioned avoiding raw cruciferous earlier, but also note that even the cooked cruciferous have the potential to cause bloating in some folks). Then I’ll roast salmon (if it wasn’t featured at lunch), chicken thighs, pork chop, or lamb chops. You can also easily make steak on the stove! I include a side of raw kraut with my dinner for gut friendly probiotics.

Sorry, no booze tonight– even one serving of alcohol can slow your metabolism the next day. It also dehydrates you and makes you look old. Beer can also contribute to bloating.

Take a detox bath before bed to encourage the release of toxins and to promote good sleep. Add your favorite essential oils, and apply an anti-inflammatory face mask to make your skin glow.

Most importantly, make sure you get good sleep tonight– 8 hours is ideal. Click here for my tips for good sleep. Sleep is so important for hormone balance, and darkness boosts your anti-aging melatonin production. A night of poor sleep also increases sugar and carb cravings. So, get your Zzzzzs!

When you wake up the next day, you should be feeling pretty darn good and refreshed! Start off with hot water and lemon again, and if you can squeeze in another early morning HIIT session, you’ll feel and look your best for whatever the day brings. If you plan ahead and have 3 or even 5 days to apply these tips, even better.

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