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Photo courtesy AutoImmune Paleo

Photo courtesy AutoImmune Paleo

Did you know I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to pumpkin recipes? I’m crazy for pumpkin spice! (how basic) And if you’re gluten free, grain free, and/or dairy free, you’ll be psyched to know you can have your pie and eat it too this Thanksgiving, or anytime the mood strikes.

Here is a list of my favorite paleo pumpkin pies. Ok, so they’re not *all* pies. I included a couple additional pumpkin desserts that are delicious if you want a pie alternative. At the end I’ve also included a dairy free coconut whipped cream topping recipe, because what is pie without whipped cream?! Some of these recipes work for those following a more restrictive autoimmune protocol too. Enjoy!

Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe Roundup

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Gingersnap Crust (autoimmune friendly/egg free) from Autoimmune Paleo (pictured above)

Here’s (My friend) Mary, The Paleo Chef’s Pumpkin Pie


The best paleo pumpkin pie from The Paleo Mom

Pumpkin Roll from Primally Inspired


Of course, my vegan pumpkin “cheese”cake is perfect.

Annnd don’t forget about dairy-free coconut whipped cream to top your delicious deserts.

Try this simple recipe. I typically add a little sugar and vanilla to mine.


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