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I love e-books. Instant satisfaction– delivered to your computer/kindle and BAM. You can start reading them right away. Very excited for this e-book bundle sale filled with tons of natural fertility resources. It’s on sale this week and includes $415 of e-books for only $34.95.
I contributed a meal plan to the bundle! It’s geared toward maximizing fertility for those who are managing autoimmune conditions.

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Planning for pregnancy can be an exciting (and tricky) time– you want balanced hormones for maximum fertility, and you and your partner both want to be as healthy as possible. These resources include everything you need to know to get your body ready for pregnancy, whether you’re just starting a family, want to add to your brood, or are looking for ways to overcome hormone imbalance and infertility.

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Check out what you get.
29 ebooks, totaling over $415.00 if purchased individually! This makes the bundle 92% off retail price – each book is only $1.20 when purchased as a bundle.
At $34.95, it’s an amazing deal!

9 ebooks about fertility and health
Fertilise Yourself by Natalie Kringoudis of Melbourne Natural Fertility ($19.95)
Making Super Sperm by Bridgit Danner of Joyful Mamas ($29.00)
Fertility Smoothies: Elixirs for Optimal Fertility by Hethir Rodriguez of Natural Fertility Info ($19.95)
Overcoming Infertility with EFT by Sarah Holland of Fertile Mindset ($20.00)
Eat Your Way to Parenthood by Gabriela Rosa of Natural Fertility Breakthrough ($35.00)
Maiden to Mother by Stephanie Brandt Cornais of Mama and Baby Love
Zero in on Ovulation by Sally Moran of Get Pregnant Fast ($17.00)
A Modern Girl’s Guide to Natural Fertility by Marni Hotchkiss of Bridge to Baby ($15.00)
Cleansing for Conception by Donielle Baker of Naturally Knocked Up
Three Strategies for Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Russell Davis of The Fertile Mind ($9.97)

2 ebooks that speak to the heart
Pain Redeemed by Natasha Metzler of NatashaMetzler.com ($4.95)
Celebrating Pregnancy Again by Francesca Cox of so this is love ($8.00)
12 real food recipe ebooks
The Food Healing Recipe Book for Endometriosis by Melissa Meyer of Cure Endometriosis ($27.00)
Meal Planning Guide for healthy Thyroid by Magdelena Wszelaki of The Thyroid Diet Coach($17.00)
Thrifty Food Plan Experience by Millie Cooper of Real Food for Less Money ($8.95)
Meals by Lydia Shatney of Divine Health From The Inside Out ($14.95)
Lacto-Fermentation by Wardee Harmon of GNOWFGLINS ($20.00)
Real Food Ingredient Guide by Kelly of Kelly the Kitchen Kop
The Everything Beans Book by Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship ($8.95)
Just Making Ice Cream by Marilyn Beard of Just Making Noise ($12.00)
Simple Food for Spring by Shannon Stonger of Nourishing Days ($10.00)
Simple Food for Winter by Shannon Stonger of Nourishing Days ($10.00)
Happy Mom, Healthy Family Meal Planning Workshop and eCookbook by Lisa Byrne of Wellgrounded Life ($29.00)
Beyond Grain and Dairy by Starlene Stewart of GAPS Diet Journey (16.97)

6 pregnancy and birth ebooks
Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods by Kate Tietje of Modern Alternative Mama ($8.95)
UnBound Birth by Jenny Yarbrough of UnBound Birth ($4.99)
Breast to Bib by Kate Tietje of Modern Alternative Mama ($8.95)
My Buttered Life: Baby Edition by Renee Harris from MadeOn Skin Care ($5.00)
Forty Weeks of Pregnancy Development by Angela England of The Untrained Housewife ($9.95)
Embracing Beauty: practical style for every shape and season of motherhood by Trina Holden of
trinaholden.com ($9.00)

Bonus Material
• Six Tips to Enhance Fertility in Women with PCOS by Jess Pedersen
• Top Food Myths by Dr. Marlene Merritt
• Break the Sugar Habit ebook by Lisa Byrne
• Primal Moms Look Good Naked, audio book by Peggy Emch from The Primal Parent
• Secrets of Stress Resilient Moms, teleclass by Lisa Byrne
• Making Super Sperm, audio book by Bridgit Danner
• audio interview with Dr. Seigel

7 week long meal plans
To help you get started on a whole foods diet, we’ve included a variety of meal plans to fit your needs!
• Jess Pedersen of www.BeMamaBeWell.com
• KerryAnn Foster of www.cookingTF.com
• MaryVance of www.maryvancenc.com
• JillMarksofModernAlternativePregnancy
• ThereseAsmusofArtistta
• Amy of PCOS Diva (includes: Getting Started Guide, Pantry Essentials List and Shopping List)
• Joanna Steven

Bonus Offerings
• Three month meal plan subscription from My Humble Kitchen ($24.99)
• Free Fertility Relaxation Program from Circle and Bloom
• One month premium membership at Fertility Flower ($5.00)
• One hour video seminar with Russell Davis of The Fertile Mind
Giveaways worth $908.00!
$25 gift certificate to MadeOn Skin Care ($25.00)
Fertility Detox Cleanse Program from Bridgit Tanner ($125.00) Still Standing mug from Still Standing Magazine ($13.99)
Making Babies DVDs from Bulk Herb Store ($75.00)
ibasal thermometer from FairHaven Health ($59.95)
One bottle of FertilAid for Women from FairHaven Health ($28.95)
Femmenessence MacaHarmony from Natural Health International ($69.98)
Medium Fertility Kit (LH and HCG tests) from Kisses from Above ($18.00)
Herbal kit from Mountain Rose Herbs ($56.20) –
One bottle of cod liver oil from Green Pasture ($44.00) Set of six essential oils from Plant Therapy ($48.68) Natural Cycle Relaxation Program from Circle and Bloom ($59.00) Year subscription to Fertility Flower (sympto-thermal charting) ($40.00)
Complimentary consultation at www.metabolictreatmentcenter.com ($100.00 value) SpermCheck Kit ($39.99)
Preseed lubricant from Baby Hopes ($21.50)
A Practical Guide to Children’s Health ebook by Kate Tietje ($17.95) The Woman Code book by Alisa Vitti ($25.99)
Naturally Knocked Up book by Donielle Baker ($18.95)
Rebuild from Depression book by Amanda Rose ($19.97)

Discounts for bundle purchasers
• 25% off ebooks from Kate Tietje at Modern Alternative Mama
• 25% off any purchase at Cooking Traditional Foods, including our renewable menu plan
• $3.00 off a large Simply Soothing Rash Cream from MadeOn Lotion
• 20% off products from Sarah Holland at Fertile Mindset
• 40% off any ebook from Katie Kimball at Kitchen Stewardship • 20% off books by Millie Cooper at Real Food for Less Money
• 10% off essential oils and products at Plant Therapy
• 40% off all Making Babies products from the Bulk Herb Store
• 15% off products at Kisses from Above
• 10% off BeMama Fertility Cleanse Programs with Jess Pedersen CHHC of Be Mama Be Well

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Shew, that’s a lot of stuff 🙂 Enjoy!

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