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We interviewed female hormone expert and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Dan Kalish for this podcast edition. We talked all about hormone balance and women’s health.

Listen here.

Questions we cover

Why are we currently seeing so many hormone issues in younger women?

What are signs of hormone imbalance? (including those you wouldn’t normally associate w hormones– like GI issues, etc)

How do GI issues and gut health impact hormone balance?

What causes PMS in young girls? How does it start?

How do you treat infertility?

What are some strategies for coping with menopause?

What testing do you recommend?

What lifestyle adjustments need to be made to help balance?

What are some tips women could start right away to fix their hormones?

Questions from Facebook Readers

Joy asks: Do some women need higher carbs than others for thyroid health? I’ve heard many who struggle being too low carb.

April asks: Progesterone cream use, PCOS how they link to diet/thyroid.

Therese asks: What kind of doctor do you need to see if you know your T3 is low? Do you need an endocrinologist? An integrative medicine doc?

Jen asks: How would he suggest reducing Reverse T3 naturally, if possible? Also, how to get more T3 without going insane…..without overdoing it?

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