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Listen up ladies who have questions about menopause! We welcomed naturopathic doctor Lauren Noel (“Dr. Lo”) to our show to talk all things menopause on our latest podcast.

Questions we discussed with Dr. Lo about Menopause:

  • How is menopause defined? How do women know they’re in menopause?
  • What menopausal symptoms are considered “normal,” and which are not?
  • What are steps women can take to reduce symptoms?
  • How can women “prepare” for menopause to reduce discomfort?
  • Which foods to include & avoid during menopause?
  • Soy and why it’s good or bad during menopause?
  • What testing & treatment do you use for women with menopausal symptoms?

Questions from Facebook:

  • Rhonda: how does one use Bioidentical Hormones?
Mary: What causes slightly elevated DHEA-s but testosterone is normal? MRI shows ovaries and adrenals are fine
  • Lori: My body fat is very low (Like 6-9% from weight training etc.). Am only 43, & have not menstruated since January. Is this bad? I like how lean I am…
  • Dawn: I am peri-menopausal I now get a migraine at onset of cycle and at the end? What do I need and they are bad.
17 minutes ago via mobile ·
  • Mirian: 51 years old. Hot flashes, night sweats, dry dry eyes, bursted blood vessels in eyes, constipation, thinning hair, decreased night vision, light sensitivity, BROKEN SLEEP! thank you.

Find Dr. Lauren Noel. Check out Dr. Lo on facebook. She sees clients all over via skype and phone!

Listen here:

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