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I interviewed my podcast partner Grass Fed Girl’s paleo chef husband all about their new book: Mediterranean Paleo Cooking. Nabil gives us tons of paleo chef tips, and we talked about about how to adapt your kitchen to be gluten free and full of real food ingredients.  We talk about his journey to adopting the Paleo/Primal diet and what kinds of foods he ate growing up on the Mediterranean sea.

Questions for the Chef:

  • How did Grass Fed Girl and her husband both start Paleo? What were the benefits you felt from going Paleo?
  • Why did you both write this cookbook?
  • What kind of food did Nabil grow up with?
  • What are some issues with the Mediterranean diet from popular books?
  • How is the cookbook different from other Paleo books?
  • What is the Mediterranean Paleo diet look like?

Listener Questions:

Kristen: How do you deal with failed experiments? I am always trying to be creative but when something goes wrong and food is thrown out it’s very discouraging.

Sharon: If I leave the fat in the beef broth, the smell nauseates me after a few hours so I usually chill it and skim off the fat and out it back on to simmer. Adding some herbs/spices helps but it’s still overwhelming and does not make me want to eat it. What should I do?

Angela: Can I just boil and use the nutrient out of organ meats?! I can handle them; since they are healthy, but my family is in need some major disguises and secrecy recipes on my part.

Tessa: Tips on making a Paleo Thanksgiving?

Listen here:

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