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brainWe are excited to welcome Dr. Dan Kalish to talk about balanced brain chemistry.

Questions for Dr. Kalish:

We are learning a lot about brain chemistry and how addressing neurotransmitter levels in the brain can heal addiction, depression, obesity, Parkinson’s and more.

  • Tell our listeners a little about what brain chemistry imbalance means and how it can affect them.
  • What conditions it causes, etc.
  • Tell us why these conditions are on the rise and getting worse?
  • What roles do serotonin and dopamine play?
  • How do you measure neurotransmitter levels?
  • How can you correct neurotransmitter imbalance?
  • What role does diet play in neurotransmitter deficiencies?
  • What is a brain healthy diet?
  • What about heavy metal exposure?
  • Tell us about your book and how it can help?

Find Dr. Kalish website and his training program here

Listen here:

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