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In this podcast we discuss the following:

What are we eating now?

What are we reading?

  • A Woman’s Guide to Minimalism
  • Be Fruitful: a guide to natural fertility

What are we doing to improve our own health?

  • adrenal herbs to deal with stress (I like GAIA brand).
  • Caitlin is doing visualization and hypnosis: Find a CD here

Listener Questions:

(Listen to the podcast for the full answers to the questions.)

  • How to deal with the parasite blastocystis hominis?
  • How to get good choose fish: wild or farmed?

A great source of online sustainable wild fish: Vital Choice

  • Healthy beverages options besides fruit juice:

 Tulsi tea, yerba mate

  • What to do for hormone balance, pain in hands and feet, underactive thyroid, and high blood pressure?
  • What are our thoughts on ancient Einkorn flour?

Join us next time when our guest will be health expert Beverly Meyer

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