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Mary Vance and Caitlin Weeks Nutrition Podcast

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Show Notes
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Special Guest: Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Very excited for everyone to hear this thyroid podcast!!

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Understanding Thyroid: Overview from Dr. Justin

With Hashimoto’s, look for underlying infections like Epstein Barr and Mono. Also gut parasites (yersinia) as well as h.pylori…

How many carbs should someone with thyroid problems eat?

A little about iodine…

Weight loss has to be on the back burner to healing….

How to exercise the right way with low thyroid…

Dangers of intermittent fasting with adrenal fatigue/ low thyroid..

Listener questions:

1. I have confusion around thyroid tests…especially with conventional docs. Which to ask for and how to get them when doctors refuse or tell you they’re not needed.

2. Can I heal my autoimmune thyroid disease naturally or is it with me forever?

3. What to do about low iron, adrenal fatigue and how they cause t3 pooling! And what to do about it.

4. I am 55 going through menopause, hot flashes so frequent its just wearing me down. I also have hypothyroidism (at 16 I had a goiter) went through my whole life being told “you’re fine” . I changed insurance and was put on medication; however, I don’t see any changes. I work out 4 days a week and CANNOT lose any weight! Any suggestions? Thank you Roberta Hamilton

5. Hi, I had Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism until I had radiation therapy and now I’m on thyroxine. I have now gained 25 kilos and can’t get control of my weight. Do you have any suggestions?

6. “I am an almost 49 years old female with several problems. It started with a depression, after mononucleosis,CFS,thyroid problems,leaky gut,constipation, a lot of allergies, tired,all this is proven. On top of it, i think my adrenal glands are not ok too. In the morning I am like a diesel, at noon I have to sleep, in the evening I am top. How can I reverse all this? Where to start? What to take? I have cysts and fibrosis in my breasts. Who can see the big picture so this can stop? I have all this problems since 2006 and I am tired of them! I want to be healthy and have a normal life. I am very quickly “in overdrive”.Hot flashes,red hands after dinner, cold hands and feet, dry skin, hair loss,kind of depression…….Best regards from Belgium.”

7. I”m currently taking a medication for my thyroid and prolactine due to a tumor in my pituatary gland. My thyroid numbers were low because of my prolactine. I had trouble sleeping through the night so I started taking magnesium supplement and it has help me very well but I wake up with a puffy eyes every morning. My doctor told me to avoid iodine and my question for you is : Is magnesium supplement not good for a thyroid? -Sarylda

8. “Hello, I recently had thyroid labwork done and results are as follows: TSH:0.717 mIU/L, FT4:1.2 ng/dL, FT3:2.2 pg/mL, RT3:26.1 ng/dL, ThyroGlob AB <20 IU/mL, TPO:10 IU/mL. It seems as if my Reverse T3 is high in comparison to my Free T3. Do you have any recommendations of lowering this? (I have taken an adrenal salivary test and it showed great results, no fatigue. I have also had my B12 levels taken by blood and urine and it is also very sufficient. Not sure what else I can do.) Additionally, are TPO and ThyroGlob AB supposed to be 0 or is the conventional range sufficient (0-40 and <35 , respectively)? I know the functional range is sometimes different than the conventional range. I have been 100% paleo for over a year and feel great except for constipation at times. I deal with this by taking Magnesium but I hate to be dependent on it. I think my thyroid may be the culprit. Thanks so much for any insight you have! ”

I recommend this adrenal support from GAIA (contains Ashwaganda.

Are people supposed to have no antibodies at all?

What about fluoride? How to get it out?

Which products are some basic supplements for people with Hashimoto’s:

Vitamin D & selenium are the best; other supplements are best to be individualized

Find a great article that Dr. Justin wrote about what your doc won’t tell you about thyroid and which tests to ask for here.

Answers to 5 Common Thyroid Questions

Dr. Justin recommends the book The Thyroid Alternative.
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