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Time for another installment of superfood and body products I like that enhance health & beauty. There are some really superior superfood products out there that boost health that I want to share with you.

Artisana raw nut butters & coconut oil: I like this company. They are a small organic food company based in Berkeley, California (near me! I’m buying local!). Many of their products, like the nut butters and coconut butter, are raw, and the virgin coconut oil is just fantastic. Once you taste the difference between processed oil and unrefined oils, you’ll never go back. Not to mention that refined oils are often processed with solvents or hexane and are heated during the process, damaging fatty acids. The nut butters now come in single serving sized packets that are great for traveling.

Taste Nirvana coconut water: I have sampled all the coconut water brands out there, and this one is hands down the best. The difference is that this brand uses young Thai coconuts. Coconut water is nature’s sports drink: high in electrolytes and minerals, it’s a great drink on a hot day, after a workout, or anytime you need to rehydrate.

KeVita probiotic drink: I have never been a fan of kombucha. The alcohol can bother those who are sensitive, and I tend to think it’s both overhyped and overused. This new probiotic drink just hit the market, and it’s ok! It is water or tea naturally combined with fermented kefir cultures, beneficial bacteria, healthy yeast cultures, and organic cane juice. It does contain about 6 grams of sugar per serving, which is far less than most drinks, so if you are sugar sensitive, you might want to avoid. But the product claims to have billions more probiotics than Kombucha, so it boosts healthy flora in the gut, thereby boosting immune function.

VitaMineral Green: this superfood product is just fantastic. It is raw and wildcrafted and includes spirulina, chlorella, algaes, kale, spinach, parsley, liver cleansing herbs & other plants that are all nourishing, nutrient dense, and alkalinizing. Mix into smoothies or coconut water! I try to use this product every day–it’s the best of its kind on the market, I think.

The WILDBAR: most of the power bars or protein bars on the market are just refined sugar crap disguised in organic packaging with some dried fruit. Or they contain soy protein isolates and other processed ingredients. The wildbar is an exception– a raw, organic, Kosher, non-GMO, “whole food in a bar.” Ingredients include raw cacao (very high in antioxidants), blue-green algae, and other superfood herbs and spices. The one I like is mint, cacao, and cayenne (metabolism booster, fat burner!)

Numi Pu-erh tea: I have a love affair with tea. Drinking some right now. Pu-erh is an aged and fermented tea that has enzymes and probiotics and medicinal properties. It is gathered from the floor of the forest in China and is aged a bit like wine. It’s alive and the more it ferments, the more healing properties emerge. I love the pu-erh at my local tea shop, which sells for hundreds of dollars a block, but I pay $12 for a pot. You can get Numi teas at natural foods stores and while they don’t really compare to the real thing, you’ll still enjoy the earthy taste and reap some of the benefits.

Xylitol is my go-to this holiday season for baking. It’s a granulated sweetner made from the birch tree and it’s actually good for teeth and gums! it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels (so you don’t crash and crave more sugar later), is safe for diabetics, and doesn’t feed the bad bacteria in your gut (like candida). It can be swapped out 1:1 for sugar in recipes. Miraculous, really.

Now, for my current faves over in the body product aisle. I use only 100 percent natural products with absolutely no chemicals. You could basically eat anything in my bathroom. And my skin has never looked better. Here are my 2 top picks in the face department:

Benedetta: all their products are stellar, and they are organic or biodynamic and made in small batches. I especially like their “Nourishing Facial Oils,” and the one I use is palmarosa. It is rich in antioxidants, fights wrinkles, feels awesome, and literally makes your skin glow. If you have oily skin, there is one with an essential oil base (geranium, I believe?) especially designed for you.

Isis Essentials makes facial oils and detoxifying bath & body blends in jojoba oil and vitamin E bases, and her products are fantastic. My favorite is the illuminating facial oil that has nourishing Myrrh, Sandalwood and Rose oils. Prevents fine lines and wrinkles and feels moisturizing and light. Your skin feel automatically better soaking up these oils.

Pure tea tree oil: this is kind of a staple around the natural household. Naturally antiseptic, it is wonderful to gargle if you feel a sore throat coming on (1 or 2 drops in a little water). Also treats dandruff & bacterial & fungal infections. Got a zit? Put a drop of tea tree on it. Keep this in your holistic first aid kit.

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