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SO! I began The Great Sugar Detox yesterday (Monday), and so far, so good. I’m a desserts on the weekend kinda gal, and even then I try to choose gluten and/or dairy free sweets, sticking only to my dark chocolate during the weeks. Yesterday wasn’t that big a deviation for me, so no cravings so far. I did have to make a few adjustments: no seasoned rice vinegar to finish off my kale (it has sugar), no honey in my afternoon tea, and no grapefruit in the morning (my mother sent me a dozen grapefruits for christmas). I am breakfast-deep into day 2 now, but I thought I’d share with you what I ate yesterday:

I started off the day with green tea (matcha)
green apple w hazelnut-almond butter
chicken sausage (from meat counter @ WF–no sugar added)

lunch: vegetable soup
chicken w brussels sprouts
green tea

snack: marys gone crackers w hummus

dinner: leftover roast chicken (I made it on Saturday night using my recipe adapted from Martha Stewart–see the recipe section for my fool-proof recipe) with root veggies (carrots, red potatoes, celery root, onion, garlic) and dino kale (almost put some seasoned rice vinegar on it til i realized it had some sugar in it.)

few handfuls of boyfriend’s popped corn (I made it for him for a snack and used coconut oil & sea salt)

exercise: 45 minute dog walk + various wii fit games

Yogi Tea Bedtime formula. This herbal blend really promotes a restful night’s sleep.

Today I will crank it up a notch and do my 50 minute power yoga routine along with a dog walk. Tonight is class one of our first holistic weight loss workshop of the season, so I need some calm energy to keep me going!

I’d love to hear from you if you are interested in doing The Great Sugar Detox or if you are doing it, too!

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