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Whipped these up for Saturday morning brunch, in a jiffy.  They are super easy and elegant enough to take center stage at Easter brunch (or your non denominational Sunday brunch party).  I bought two 4 ounce packages of smoked salmon, but you could use leftover salmon or canned, too (would need to adjust salt accordingly).  I served these with shredded sweet potato “hash browns,” but a lovely spring arugula salad or deviled eggs or these grain free herbed biscuits would be great, too.


Salmon Cakes (grain free, dairy free, can be made egg free)

  • 2 four ounce packages of smoked salmon
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 slices organic bacon, cooked and chopped
  • 2 tsp dijon mustard
  • 1/4 cup or so sliced scallions or red onion
  • salt & freshly cracked black pepper to taste.

Directions:  Cook the bacon in a cast iron skillet; set aside to cool.  Reserve bacon fat. Remove skin from salmon and feed to your dogs (or cats).  Flake salmon into a bowl and add mustard, eggs and everything else.  Stir to incorporate.  Taste to adjust seasonings. Reheat bacon fat in skillet til medium-hot, then form small cakes and cook about 4 minutes per side until golden brown.  Keep warm in 250 degree oven until ready to serve.

Makes 8-9 cakes.  Serve with sour cream or honey mustard.

NOTE:  I didn’t salt these at all because the bacon and salmon are salty enough, but if you don’t use smoked salmon, add salt to taste.

Instead of a cast iron skillet, you could use an eco-friendly nonstick griddle like I have.  It’s an ecolution hydrolon water-based nonstick griddle, so it’s PFOA free. I love it!


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