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So, I cheated. Everything was going along fine, no cravings, lost a few pounds even. But one day I just *had* to have some dark chocolate (PMS rears its ugly head). So I had some dark chocolate (85 percent, so little sugar added). A little was fine. I was careful to notice: did it make me crave more sugar? Not so much, but in the past I have noticed how re-entry with sugar can cause a sugar craving/feeding frenzy cycle. Not good.

How are you doing? If you cheated, did you lose control and binge? That’s not uncommon, especially if you are sugar or gluten sensitive. This gives you good information about yourself and should arm you with more motivation to avoid sugar, so look at it as a good learning experience.

Here is another good perk I am noticing: If someone at my workplace has gluten free cookies or some other kind of treat lying around, I will tend to grab a little something here and there without even thinking about it. This sugar detox has made me realize how often this happens and how mindlessly I engage in this activity (um, occasionally have been known to grab a piece of chocolate covered ginger out of the bulk bin at the store), especially if someone is offering up a bite of something “forbidden.” I may or may not be thinking particularly of my ice cream pint eating boyfriend.

So, with renewed vigor, I will continue on the sugar free path for the next few days. When the detox comes to an end, don’t lapse right back into your old patterns! You’ll likely see how dramatic an effect sugar has on your well-being. Many people report that foods containing sugar (natural or otherwise) taste too sweet, and they notice the effects it has–especially the energy spike and crash. Being sugar free means no sugar crashing and more sustained energy! That is another benefit I’ve enjoyed: no cravings because I haven’t been on the sugar cycle of eating something sweet triggering you to crave more sweet.

This experience has reminded me to practice one particular mantra that I preach to clients: eat mindfully! Grabbing something here and there just because it’s there is not mindful eating. Also, I realize how avoiding sweet foods means way fewer cravings. I feel more balanced and better overall. Good reminders all around.

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