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If you have concerns about stress, fatigue, weight loss, digestion, anxiety/depression, food cravings, or hormonal imbalance/PMS, or you just want to learn about the best foods for your physiology, come see me! We are celebrating my move to Dr Morgan Camp’s office in Mill Valley by offering 3 holistic nutrition consults with me for $150. This is nearly 50% off what you would normally pay for 3 sessions. Dr Camp is a board certified physician practicing integrative medicine. We work together on each client’s case, so you are getting the best of both worlds.

The consults include a thorough intake where we’ll review your concerns, your health history, and your goals. I’ll make recommendations about tests to assess your stress level, metabolic function, hormone levels, and digestive function, if needed, and you can do these tests at home. I’ll design an individualized program for you, including a diet plan and any needed supplements, and you’ll receive lots of coaching along the way. I’ll give you plenty of handouts, recipes, and explanations of your test results to complement your consults.

We’ll be offering classes and workshops in the future, so please visit the website to sign up for our newsletter: www.drcamphealth.com. We are planning an upcoming group detoxification workshop for the near future.

Please call Ashley at 415-383-9903 to set up an appointment with me. I see clients on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

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