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I’m hosting a free tele-seminar on Tuesday, April 12th at 6pm PST to discuss all things detox. Springtime is cleansing season, and many of us embark on detox cleanses during this time of year. Summer is around the corner, and we want to burn the fat that has accumulated during the winter months.

How do you know what cleanse to follow? Should you fast? Should you use herbs? Do you even need a cleanse? If you’re a cleansing pro, how do you take it to the next level? And what is the #1 tip you MUST know if you’re going to do a cleanse program?

All you need is a phone. Join me at 6pm on 4/12 and you’ll learn the following:
-specific foods to include & what to avoid on your cleanse
-the one popular cleanse you should avoid at all costs
-nutrients that you absolutely must have during detox, or it just won’t work
-the #1 tip to ensure a successful detox
-lifestyle habits that will support your cleanse

I’ll answer questions at the end of the call.
Dial in number: (610) 214-0000
Access code: 816022#

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