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In season only a short time in Fall/early Winter, pomegranate is a beautiful fruit with so many health-promoting benefits. Very high in antioxidants, it improves heart health circulation and has been shown not only to stop hardening of artery walls and build-up of plaque but to also reverse these problems! Pomegranate may also lower levels of LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol and raise your good (HDL) cholesterol levels.

You may have heard about the pomegranate’s amazing anti-aging properties. It is used both topically in skin and beauty creams to prevent free radical damage and also in supplements touted to reduce the signs of aging and even prevent Alzheimer’s.

Try the seeds atop fall salads with arugula and goat cheese, but be careful when you slice the pomegranate! The juice is very dark and stains (much like beet juice). The seeds are delicious, but if you can’t find the whole fruit, try the juice (sold nearly everywhere now) in smoothies, or drink an ounce a day for clear skin and an anti-oxidant boost. Look for juices with 100% pomegranate and no sugar or fillers.

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