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You Will Learn:

✓ Why everything you’ve read about the traditional candida diet is wrong

✓ How the standard candida diet can hurt your thyroid

✓ What you should be eating (and avoiding) on a candida killing diet

✓ Your candida killing secret weapon

✓ The step most people miss when treating candida (DON’T miss this one)



Meet Mary Vance, Certified Nutrition Consultant

Hi there! I’m Mary, and I’ve been helping people kick candida and heal their guts for almost 15 years using real food and natural therapies. I myself have successfully overcame candida overgrowth, and I have a proven formula now that works just as well for my clients!

With my nutrition clients, I’ve found success with a personalized approach, never a one-size-fits-all diet or protocol, because everyone is different! I help you learn what foods are right for your physiology. My holistic approach includes lifestyle modifications, stress relief, sleep, and a focus on emotional wellbeing.

In my practice, I use the principles of functional medicine and nutrition. I have degrees from Emory University and Bauman College and have studied functional medicine under Dr Daniel Kalish, my mentor. You can read all about me here and my coaching practice here. When I’m not geeking out on nutrition, I’m all over California: enjoying the Northern California beaches and Mendocino coast; lake life and skiing in the Sierras; hiking with my dogs; and hanging out with friends and hitting the farmers’ markets in SoCal.