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In honor of hot summer days (something we don’t get here in the San Francisco Bay Area), here is an ice cream recipe that is delicious, creamy, sugar-free, and does not require an ice cream maker! The frozen bananas make it creamy and provide potassium. Carob powder is wonderful for those who are sensitive to cocoa, and it is high in fiber, good for the stomach, and offers a hint of sweetness. You can use plain yogurt, kefir, or for a vegan option, use coconut milk to control how thick you like. I usually recommend nut butters other than peanut, because peanuts carry aflatoxin, a naturally occurring toxic metabolite produced by certain fungi (Aspergillus flavis), a mold found on corn and peanuts and peanut butter. Many people have peanut sensitivities, and they may not even be aware.

Vegan Ice Cream (or pudding!)
4 ripe bananas, frozen for ice cream, room temp for pudding
1 cup cashew butter (can use almond)
1/2 to 1 cup plain yogurt OR coconut milk (for dairy-free)
2/3 cup carob powder
*OPTIONAL: dash of vanilla, almond extract, whatever flavoring you like

Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree well til smooth and creamy. If you want to make pudding, use bananas that are not frozen. Refrigerate pudding; keep frozen for ice cream.

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