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“Detox” has become a trendy buzzword, but detox (or cleansing) is a time honored tradition that can help you regain balance, lose weight, sleep better, increase productivity, and gain clarity. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, autumn is the season that supports the lung and large intestine, major organs of elimination, which are easily hindered by an overburdened liver.


How do you know if you need to detox

Do you suffer from any of the following conditions?

  • PMS
  • weight gain
  • heartburn
  • constipation
  • gas/bloating
  • acn
  • joint pain
  • skin rashes
  • high cholesterol
  • depression or irritability
  • fatigue
  • or just generally feeling puffy or inflamed?

A congested and overworked liver could be the culprit.

While it’s true that the liver is the body’s own self cleaning device, it can become easily overwhelmed by toxins from our food supply, too much booze, over the counter and recreational drugs, birth control pills, cosmetics and body care products, and pollution. Everything you eat, drink, breathe and apply to your skin must be detoxed by the liver, and if you take in more toxins than your liver can process, it becomes sluggish, and symptoms result.

What you’ll get from our program

  • One informational meeting (via phone! You don’t have to be local to participate) with certified nutrition consultant Mary Vance & Licensed Acupuncturist Lynn Belcher. You’ll get a complimentary copy of Mary’s ebook about detox ($24.99 value), information & guidelines about the program, and short informational videos along the way with food demos and detox tips
  • a detox kit that includes herbs & nutrients to facilitate liver cleansing; a cleansing smoothie mix; and a fiber blend to enhance colon cleansing. (not included in class fee. Cost for kit is $105)
  • guidelines for the 21 day detox plan.
  • access to our private forum so you can ask questions, share tips, and get support 24-7
  • the opportunity to sign up for an acupuncture/abdominal massage package to enhance and support detoxification to achieve optimal results (not included in class fee)

What to expect

  • weight loss, if that is your goal
  • healthy sleep cycle
  • more energy
  • better mental acuity
  • clear, glowing skin
  • reduction in allergy symptoms
  • determine hidden food sensitivities that cause health problems
  • better digestive function, reduction in constipation
  • improved feeling of well being and calm
  • decreased aches and pains

What will we eat?

Your detox kit (cost not included in class tuition) contains a vegan detox protein smoothie that provides the structural breakfast cornerstone to your meal plan. They are tasty and simple to make, and are formulated to support the liver’s natural metabolic pathways. In addition to smoothie, you’ll enjoy tons of vegetables,  gluten free grains, good fats, organic protein and fruit. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will consume ample protein whether from plant sources or from organic animal protein. This is not a fasting program.

What do I have to give up?

Gradually you will reduce and/or eliminate coffee, sugar, alcohol, processed foods, gluten and dairy for 21 days. With group support you will be so pleased at what you can do and thrilled with the results.

AND you get all this– the meeting, the ongoing support, AND the book for $49 (detox kit and acupuncture package extra).

Phone meeting takes place Saturday, October 5 from 10am-noon. You do NOT have to be in San Francisco to participate!

Questions? Contact me here.

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