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The HealthNuts Podcasts with Mary Vance & Grass Fed Girl: Our goal is to dispel mainstream nutrition myths and bring you the best in holistic health & real food education.

Our latest podcast all about how to detox safely without causing hormonal or metabolic damage. Detox is a time honored tradition, but when done in a fad way (read: harsh herbal laxatives or fasting), it can cause more harm than good. There is a right and wrong way to cleanse your liver and digestive tract!

Detox Podcast

In this podcast, I answer the following questions:

  • How did you get interested in detoxing?
  • Do we really need to detox or is it just a fad?
  • What type of person needs a detox?
  • What does your recommended detox entail?
  • What are examples of unsafe ways to detox?
  • What about juicing and juice fasting?
  • What can people expect to happen?
  • How often should people detox?
  • What products do you recommend?
  • What foods assist detox?
  • Does wheat grass have gluten?
  • How can we support detox on a daily basis?
  • What products do you like for detoxing?

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