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Regular sex *wink wink* is an important part of a healthy life. It boosts endorphins, balances hormones, improves immune health, increases circulation, and floods you with oxytocin, the bonding hormone that brings you and your partner closer together. It’s even said to improve the health of your skin (that rosy glow!). If you are in a long term relationship, regular sex is important for bonding and for the health of your relationship– and it’s also fun! Even if you’re not in a relationship, having regular orgasms will allow to achieve the same health benefits as a sex life shared with a partner.

So what to do if your mojo is sputtering? There are a number of reasons for decreased sex drive, and the main one is hormone imbalance: progesterone and/or testosterone deficiency in women and testosterone deficiency in men. Low DHEA in both sexes contributes to low libido. Low progesterone & testosterone levels mean the body has too much estrogen (yes, even in men) in relation to other sex hormones, and that can cause your sex drive to go kaput. The main reason? STRESS. If you are stressed and your adrenals are shot, your sex hormones and your sex drive (and your fertility) suffer. Stress is not only emotional in nature or working too hard, but poor diet, too much sugar, chemical-laden refined foods, and too much booze are also a stress to the body. A healthy liver is also key to balanced hormones, so show yours some love by doing a detox once or twice a year, and click here for my daily detox tips to keep your liver happy all year round.

How to Balance Your Hormones and Boost Libido Naturally

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This post discusses estrogen dominance and how to balance your hormones.
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If you’ve recently had a baby, your hormones may feel out of whack. Click here for information on how to recover your sex drive postpartum.

Food & Better Sex

Certain foods can enhance sex drive and encourage hormone balance. Maca root is an adaptogen that helps the body handle stress. It nourishes the adrenals and balances hormones. It boosts virility (especially in men) and increases energy. I love adding maca to smoothies, or make my maca root truffles— they are so good!

Oysters are known as a common aphrodisiac, and the reason may be that they contain constituents that can increase the production of testosterone and estrogen. They’re also high in zinc, which is good for man parts. Chocolate is the food of the gods for a reason– it boosts feel good serotonin and contains phenylethylamine, which may elevate mood and evoke feelings of euphoria. I certainly feel that way when I eat chocolate. Chili peppers and cayenne boost metabolism and increase blood flow. And increased blood flow to the sex organs means arousal. Bring on the spicy foods!

Personal Care

Vaginal dryness can signal dropping estrogen levels consistent with menopause. There are certain herbs and supplements that can ease menopausal symptoms, so click here to get info about hormone balance in menopause. But if you’re after lubricant to get the juices flowing, don’t use over the counter personal lubricants filled with propolyene glycol and other toxins.
This homemade love lotion from Primally Inspired includes sensual oils to get you in the mood.

Now get on out there and get frisky!

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