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We were honored to welcome Jimmy Moore who wrote a new book all about uncovering the misinformation surrounding fear around cholesterol and the mainstream medical establishment. He interviewed 30 of the top health experts in the field of cholesterol research and co-authored with Dr. Eric Westman to help bring out the real truth about heart disease and saturated fat. We also got to ask him about the connection between inflammation, cholesterol and diabetes.

His new blockbuster: Cholesterol Clarity


Listen here:

Questions for Jimmy:

 How did this fear of cholesterol come about?

What is difference between the science and what the mainstream medical industry believes?

What are some of the most common misconceptions about cholesterol?

Which tests to ask your doctor for?

  • Nmr liporofile
  • Fasting glucose
  • triglycerides
  • C-reactive protein

How could a person communicate with his/her doctor about not wanting to go on statins?

What if a person has been doing paleo with no changes to their numbers (low HDL & high LDL) and thyroid isn’t the problem?

When would your numbers indicate a problem? How high would total cholesterol/LDL have to be to worry?

What is the correlation between diabetes and heart disease?

What are some lifestyle modifications people can make to get their docs off their back?

 What is your opinion about the current cholesterol treatments?

How is your book different from the other books on the topic?

Who is your intended audience? Who will this book help?

Reader Questions:

Judy Yes, why is the mainstream medical community soo slow to change treatment protocols for heart disease? It seems we have the information and they don’t. I have a friend who wouldn’t dare eat eggs and butter or coconut oil but eats bread with fake butter substitute? Because that’s what the cardiology specialists in Canada tell him to do… I don’t understand.

Lori Would like to know natural ways to decrease hereditary high cholesterol. MD has me on a statin at 50! No matter what herb I suggested, my MD said no significant decrease.

Maria My mom has high cholesterol levels and diabetes and was given medicines like Ascord to lower it. I have two questions:

What are some other more natural ways of lowering the cholesterol level? She was told by the doctor to eat low-fat or fat-free products only, but I read a recent post that those are the most unhealthy choices. Is there a connection between high cholesterol and diabetes? Both these issues were discovered at the same time for my mom.

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