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I discovered several years ago via finger prick food allergy test that I have an egg and dairy allergy (and Sunday brunch, my favorite meal, came to a grinding halt. Of course nowadays, I am expert at putting together eggless brunch dishes!). I love to bake, and aside from the brunch saga, baking was the next tragedy. I like to use coconut flour or almond meal for making grain free/gluten free breads or treats, but they always require like 6 eggs (because the coconut flour is so drying).

Here’s what I’ve learned about vegan baking.

-baking powder & soda are necessary (I would often leave out one or the other)
-apple cider vinegar, which reacts with the baking powder (and soda too, I guess) does something to make the bread turn out magically.
-Don’t use liquid sweeteners in vegan breads (honey, maple syrup, etc) because they make it too moist and cake batter-like. I like coconut palm sugar or xylitol.
you can swap out eggs in recipes using “chia egg” or “gelatin egg.” (google it)

For this recipe, I made a pumpkin bread and used Pamela’s gluten free baking mix, which I love, but it’s not grain free. I added pumpkin pie spice (and would have added dark chocolate or carob chips if I’d had them). I may play with using almond meal/coconut flour combo, but as I mentioned, in my experience coconut flour needs eggs because it’s very dry. For a sweetener, I used coconut palm sugar which is low on the glycemic index. I would also encourage the use of xylitol which doesn’t jack blood sugar levels or feed intestinal yeast.

The recipe here is just a base, but the possibilities of what to add are endless. I added pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices here, but I love the idea of doing a banana-chai with black pepper or the banana with almond butter. Delicious and so easy.

Here’s the link to the recipe. I make a batch several times a year but most often in the fall. I am a big fan of a pumpkin spice version.

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