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Have you read The Calorie Myth yet? Pick it up now. This book is seriously amazing. We were lucky enough to have author Jonathan Bailor join our latest podcast, and this guy is an information machine. He dropped some major truth and science bombs about weight loss.
Listen here:

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Questions for Jonathan

Why is the calories in and calories out theory flawed? Can you point us to specific studies that support your claims?

Why are hormones are more important than calories for weight loss?

Tell us about your SANE foods theory

There is a school of thought out there saying that eliminating major food groups (gluten, sugar, dairy, grains, etc) is diet extreme and that restricting these foods leads to obsession and eating disorder behavior. What is your opinion of this?

You’re a fit guy — do people say that being slim is just natural for you?

What do you tell people who are already doing everything right and not getting results?

What are some common exercise mistakes?

What is your opinion of crossfit?

Why is eccentric exercise important?

What do you think of the Twinkie diet?

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