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Tis the season for eating! My life has consisted of shopping, cooking, and cleaning for the past couple weeks. For Christmas, I was presented with Martha Stewart’s new cookbook, which I adore.



For Christmas brunch, I made a frittata with chicken sausage and red onion and fresh grated parmesan. I would have added chard, but the boys in the house don’t like greens (GASP). For dinner, at the request of those in the house, I made roast pork tenderloin Martha Stewart style. I don’t care for pork, nor do I recommend it very highly. It is considered one of the more toxic meats, especially if you are not eating organic.

Regardless, I used garlic and rosemary and wrapped it with kitchen twine after searing it. It roasted for about an hour and turned out perfectly. For dessert we had fresh ginger cake and pumpkin ice cream. That’s right, during the holidays even your friendly neighborhood nutritionist eats gluten and dairy.

I usually do some kind of a cleanse in January. In the past, I’ve done liver and total body cleanses, but this year I’m considering using some anti-candida herbs like oregano oil and pau d’arco or whatever I have in the cabinet to knock any yeast down. Combine this with a total sugar-free, wheat-free, alcohol-free diet for a few weeks and you’re good to go. Stay tuned for more on candida cleanses.

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